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Looking for the best payouts in online scratch gaming? Be sure to check out Crazy Scratch, where Jackpots go as high as 200,000 Euros for a single winning play! Offering more than 60 unique scratch card games that are fun to play and very rewarding when you win, Crazy Scratch consistently makes gaming news headlines by having professional players and casual scratch card gamers bringing home big payouts just by matching icons in their favorite themed scratch games.


The Crazy Scratch site is open 24 hours every day for early morning, light afternoon or exciting evening play. The name is meant to amp up the level of excitement you feel  when you sign up, but it also rubs some players the wrong way because they get nervous that the management is somehow less serious if they call their site Crazy. We have don the research for you so there is no need to worry, the Crazy Scratch brand is actually owned by LMAGaming, a company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus whose registered office is at 17 Tepeleniou Road , Cyprus, 8010 . The games on their website are all powered by software belonging to NG International Ltd., a reputable gaming company based in Malta and a fully licensed operator (LGA/CL1/408/2007) under the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Crazy Scratch is committed to providing fair play at all times. In part that may be out of a somewhat selfish desire to have the most big winners on their website. The simple fact is, when you win you tell people and they get great free advertising, so the more winners they have the faster their site will grow and the better their business will do in the long run. Crazy Scratch knows that’s how it works and you benefit from their long term approach to the success of online scratch card gaming.


They even give new players 5 Euros in free money to get started when you first sign up. This is a terrific site for beginners thanks to the sign up bonus and big payouts. Turning your scratch card play into cold hard cash reality  is fun and easy when you have a lively gaming community interacting with you in a comfortable online social setting. Join thousands of other players and play online scratch cards today – the next lucky Crazy Scratch cards game winner could be you!

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