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Top Scratch is one of the most modern scratch card sites and that means many of the best games, sound effects, graphics and payouts can all be found inside as soon as you sign up. The Top Scratch site goes beyond simple ’3 row’ scratch cards to include slot themes, mini games, bonus themes and more. If state of the art gaming is what interests you the most, Top Scratch should be on top of your play list right now!


More than 60 different scratch card games to pick from, and many other categories of chance games aimed at maximizing your entertainment while you continue your quest for huge prizes and Top Scratch jackpot payouts. That’s what makes Top Scratch one of the best sites for new players and scratch card beginners. The entire site is set up to make browsing scratch games, exploring the winning strategies of top gamers and trying out new styles of game play easier.

Each of the scratch games on Top Scratch allows players to play for real money payouts or for free fun. That means you can choose which level of gaming fits you best and if you do want to win some cash, you can try the games and test out your strategies for free before you move up to real money making scratch card excitement.

Top Scratch has an excellent variety of games, larger than the number of themes available on most other scratch sites. So there is definitely a theme or style of play there to interest you, whether you like sports games, racing, fantasy or casino pleasures – when you come to Top Scratch for your instant win enjoyment it’s always easy to find new exciting themes and all different styles to keep things fresh and interesting.


Start off with the free 5 Euro signing bonus they give you just for checking out their site and turn that money into jackpot payouts large enough to satisfy even the most ambitious jackpot fantasies! The biggest bonus available on their games is the fact that every one of them can be played for free. Having the chance to practice at your leisure lets you avoid unnecessary losses and win bigger more often as an experienced gamer instead of relying on pure luck like a less educated beginner might. You know what you enjoy, you can try it all for free, and you can win big!

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