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Winnings may not be the flashiest site to look at when you first visit but that’s because their focus is always on serious scratch card gamers rather than the casual fans. Spectators who want to see lots of blinking lights or superfluous design work may prefer other places online, but with¬† a 200,000 Euro jackpot payout, more than 80 different games to play and fantastic statistical odds that make at least one out of every three scratch cards a winner – you’ll quickly agree that Winnings is a hot spot of scratch card success well worth visiting when you are looking to start a winning streak or keep your momentum moving forward.


When you walk into a casino and see a lot of flashy lights, fancy carpets and people acting like they are arrogant high-rollers, you know that they are selling the dream of winning, rarther than providing players with a fair chance to win big. Winnings is a simple site, they didn’t waste their time and energy on glitz or glamour because they know more money spent on fashion means less money spent on payouts and real players don’t care how artistic the background appears as long as they keep winning big prizes and taking home piles of cash!

Using the world famous  Neo Games platform to provide more than 80 games on the main page in virtually every theme niche, Winnings has a simple click through lobby and real money or free practice sections of the site to help players get comfortable quickly.

Games are sectioned into three major categories at the top of the page with tabs. Scratch cards, instant games and virtual slots. Grand prizes of up to 200,000 Euros bring a lot of excitement to the featured games on the Winnings site and the games themselves offer colorful, simple graphics that load quickly on pretty much every computer connection speed. That’s especially important for wireless connections on mobile scratch card gaming devices.


They give you free money as soon as you signup so your first few scratch card plays are on the house and you really can’t beat a solid offer like that. If you add in the simplicity of the site and the fact that it plays so well on mobile gaming devices, you come away with a big jackpot site and strong chance to win wherever you are when you decide to pursue your jackpot dreams!

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